How does it work?

About YallaCare, facilitates end to end journey of Patients.

YallaCare is the primary healthcare platform facilitating search and book services. It makes easy to find a treatment abroad. We provide you with all the information needed to find a medical service provider, to get your questions answered, and to arrange your treatment. YallaCare is the best medical tourism facilitator in the Middle East region. Keeping aim of addressing our customer needs regardless of location, time frame, or budget. On YallaCare Platform, you can find trusted clinics, read real patient reviews, request a personalized quote, and book a treatment abroad. Once we've received from you all the medical documents that the doctor needs to assess your case, we will connect you directly with the clinic(s). We provide service in both English and Arabic. Here's how it works:

1. Find trusted clinics and hospitals and compare prices

On Yallacare, you will find specialized healthcare providers for the treatment of your choice. We list only the top international clinics and hospitals that comply with our strong quality standards. You can compare healthcare providers by price and find more information about clinics, hospitals and treatments, as well as genuine patient reviews. We can help you get the care you need via internationally accredited clinics and hospitals worldwide.

With more than 1,000 trusted hospitals and clinics, thousands of expert doctors, and an experienced patient Care Team, the YallaCare network supports the journey towards health.

2. Request a personalized quote

After you've found a medical service provider, you can request a personalized quote for the treatment.

Before we share your inquiry with hospitals and clinics, we may request information or medical documents to enable the healthcare providers - doctor, surgeon, or dentist to make an assessment of your medical condition. If you have not provided the needed documents in the initial inquiry, don't worry. We'll send you email reminders with an overview of the missing information. Once the required documents are gathered and ready, we'll connect you directly with the clinic(s) or hospital(s) of your choosing.

Alternatively, you can also request assistance from our Care Team. We will then support you in finding a healthcare provider to suit your circumstances, communicate with clinics or hospitals on your behalf, and help with treatment arrangements. This is a paid service – the fee is determined by the complexity of the procedure requested.

3. Get a personalized quote

After receiving your inquiry, the clinic(s) or hospital(s) will get in touch with a personalized quote, suggested appointment dates, and additional information on the procedure, clinic or hospital, and doctor.

In some cases, medical staff may ask you some additional questions. Clinic or hospital response times can vary as doctors and medical staff may not have time to immediately reply to your inquiry.

Take your time to review the quote(s), and do ask the clinic or hospital treatment-related questions. A personalized quote is an estimate of the costs that takes into account the anticipated scope of the treatment based on the information provided in your inquiry. In most cases, it's a not fixed-price quotation because treatments are difficult to fully evaluate prior to a clinic or hospital visit. The price can also vary because of changes in health, uncovered additional illnesses, or treatment complications.

4. Book and plan your treatment

If you're happy with a proposed quote and wish to proceed with treatment, some clinics or hospitals may ask for a deposit to secure the appointment. This is often requested to buy surgical supplies or to book the surgeon's time in advance. This deposit is usually fully refundable in case your doctor decides not to proceed with the surgery during the pre-treatment consultation, and you can choose to pay it online through YallaCare (quite secure) or through a bank transfer directly to the clinic or hospital. The size of the deposit and refund conditions vary from clinic to clinic and hospital to hospital, so be sure to clarify this in advance.

Once the treatment dates are agreed, make final travel arrangements like applying for a visa (if necessary) and booking flights, accommodation, and transportation (some clinics or hospitals can also help out with these).

You'll be sent instructions on where and at what time you need to arrive for your treatment, consultation, or diagnostic test.

5. Travel, get treated, recover

If requested, you can be picked up directly from the airport. Upon arrival at a clinic or hospital, you'll need to register and fill-in a patient information form. You'll receive all of the details in advance from the clinic or hospital.

If you've purchased our Care Team Assistance service, you can reach a member of our team with any questions you have.

Post-treatment, you may need to stay at the destination for some days to recover and for check-ups. The clinic will send this information alongside your personalized quote. Once you've recovered, we'll ask you to review your experience to help other patients and to make sure your experience was a positive one. We list only high-quality clinics or hospitals with a great reputation.

Never overpay for healthcare again and never be cheated

YallaCare helps patients get a better image of the treatment quote given to them by different clinics or hospitals, so that they know what is it that they are spending money on. This helps patients become more aware of their treatment too. Along with that, the patient is able to see what all bills are being added by the clinics or hospital during his/her treatment.

Share your diagnosis with doctors & family at home

A patient travelling to a abroad for availing medical treatment is taking a big step towards his/her health and has a very limited set of people he/she can trust on. These patients need someone, whom they can trust, to take advice from in case any complications arise. YallaCare helps in connecting patients to their local family doctors who can also access the patient medical profile and see the daily progress reports, remotely.